Driving high quality leads directly into your business doesn’t have to be done digitally.  For some businesses offline marketing will be the best way to engage and excite customers. 

When we say offline, we are referring to any marketing channel that does not operate through the Internet.  Channels like Direct Mail, Telemarketing and Flyers would fall into this category.

So under what circumstances would you use offline channels?

Well, quite often small to medium businesses are targeting regionally rather than nationally, which means some of their prospective customers won’t be online.  In addition, some customers might genuinely prefer to interact offline e.g. more elderly customers who are not familiar with the Internet might prefer newspaper or telephone.

It’s important to think smart and spend sensibly, but offline channels can work really well for some businesses.  Imagine you are targeting electricians.  Your prospect is unlikely to have prolonged periods in front of a computer, so they may respond better to a flyer.  Equally, a businessman, despite being office based, might appreciate an inspiring direct mail piece because it stands out to him against the mass of daily sales emails he receives.

Offline Naked Fish Marketing Services include:

  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Flyers
  • Press ads (print)
  • Outdoor ads

Some offline marketing channels are easier to measure than others which means tracking performance is sometimes a bit harder, but not impossible.  Channels such as telemarketing might be easier to measure because the CRM system with automatically record success but outdoor ads are more difficult to measure and attribute direct ROI.  Outdoor ads might still have a very strong place in your marketing plan though, depending on what your objectives are. 

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